Dance Battle in Unreal

For the last assignment we were asked to explore the softwares Fuse to create and animate characters and Unreal, to create a 3d world and animate the elements using lights and cameras. The exercise consisted in two different phases divided in two separate weeks.

The first week consisted in developing a character in Fuse in order to export it to Mixamo and b able to generate 3d animations with the predesigned character. I decided to start with basic shapes and eventually move to a more specific character design.

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Friends Forever Animation

Friends Forever is an animation developed in After Effects and edited in Adobe Premiere in collaboration with Stefan Skripak for the Animation class at ITP | NYU.

The project started with an ideation phase in which we discussed the possibility of using the animation in order to communicate a message related to the environment, we decided to work in an underwater scene in which a jellyfish would meet a new friend (a plastic bag) that would later invade the entire ocean.

As part of the ideation process we created a storyboard in order to be able to generate the scenes.

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Normalized Cubes: Stop Motion Animation

The assignment for the first animation class was to create a 30 seconds stop motion animation. As a team we discussed about what kind of materials we wanted to use in order to tell a story and we decided to work with clay. The storyboarding process helped us to decide which narrative elements we wanted to incorporate in our piece. As part of the scenery we decided to use electronic components in order to create a city in the background and we decided to keep the people moving in the background as a metaphor of ourselves being at ITP and not letting others to influence too much on our personality.

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