Titling Trike

The vehicle was developed in the course of product design as part of the bachelor degree for Industrial Design Engineering in the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. The team was asked to design an electric vehicle to be used in touristic areas and big hotels that have special transportation requirements for their customers.

Final UI Design

Final UI Design

The problem

The “Punta Leona" hotel is located in the central pacific coast in Costa Rica, it is well known for its convenience because it is only one hour away from the capital city. Therefore the hotel have had a growing amount of guests staying in “villas” or small houses inside the hotel. The exponential growth of the physical territory of the hotel motivates the guests to travel by car in order to access the swimming pool, the beach and the common areas of the hotel.

There is a lot of pollution in the environment caused by the huge amount of cars that are used in a daily basis and the natural resources are being affected by the fossil fuel emissions.  

Coming up with a solution

The team did research on different means of transportation that does not require petroleum. The analysis of the environment was crucial in order to ensure that the visual design and the functionalities of the product were according to the natural elements in the hotel.

The sketching process of the project enabled the team to visualize the way that the components were going to work, taking into consideration previous models of existing titlings trikes but converting them into our own creation and design.

Construction and manufacture process.

The component’s design was developed using the 3D modeling tool called Rhinoceros and render were produced with Vray. These tools facilitated the ideation and mechanical design process of the vehicle.


My role

My work in this project range from the research of functionalities, design of mechanical components, prototyping and construction of the final vehicle in a workshop. The incorporation of an electric battery was part of my responsibilities.


The result

The Titling Trike is suggested as a future urban transport that can replace the use of fossil fuels and thereby ensure lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Verónica Alfaro, Antonio Solano, Ariana Leiva, Eckart Holst and Miguel Araya
Pictures by Antonio Solano
Mentoring: Sergio Rivas
Design Engineering BA, 2013, TEC