Interactive application developed in Processing and the use of kinect. When the user crosses an imaginary barrier, the tesselation becomes brighter, representing the body of the person, as if the user moved through the virtual lines.

Tesselate Experience demo at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC) University. Video credits to Antonio Solano.

 Coming up with a solution

The team used as a visual reference the light halos generated by different shapes, that generated user’s attention due to their luminosity and saturation. The effect of the light was used in the project, focusing on the important parts of the interaction that the user makes with the digital product.

The triangulation is a method of representation of the reality that uses the specific points to be connected to each other, in order to offer a geometry that resembles the geometric reality. The visual design is the result of the way that the attraction and union between the particles is done, the objective was to make it possible to identify the body figure with an abstract visualization of the digital particles.


The tessellation was previously generated in a visualization program, in order to calculate the amount of particles that must be placed for the correct elaboration of the grid, in the space of 1024 px * 768 px. This was the format defined for a better visualization of the Interactive application.

The interaction that occurs in the contact zone is directly related to the connection between the point cloud particles and the grid particles, causing the springs to determine how the particles that are affected by the virtual presence of the user, the kinect In this case, captures the movements of the user and interprets how the particles will be computed.


My role

My role in the project included the analysis and research of the look and feel, as well as the assembly of static prototypes in Adobe Illustrator. I also assisted in the generation of the coding in processing and the implementation of design tests.

Finally the assembly of the product for the final presentation was of vital importance since it required a dark room with the correct measurement of the distances of the kinect and the interaction with the users.


The result

This is a project that implements Human Computer Interaction principles, Interaction Design and User Experience Design in oder to provide an innovative solution.

Verónica Alfaro, Antonio Solano
Pictures by Antonio Solano
Mentoring: Ph.D. Franklin Hernández
Design Engineering BA, 2013, TEC