Site Remake IHR1

IHR1 is a platform that handles data and reports from different hotels around the world, especially from USA and United Kingdom. The tools manages well known hotel brands such as Sheraton and Hilton. The project started as a request for a "UI cleanup" but there were a lot of improvements that could be done from the UX perspective, therefore it evolved into a much bigger project.

HIR1 final UI Design

HIR1 final UI Design

The problem

The current website was implemented in an old system, with lack of interactivity and updated content. The way that the menus were displayed was not natural and it was really difficult to navigate in the internal pages and the report generator tool. Therefore there was a lot of information missing and huge amounts of data that was not correctly visualized. 

Coming up with a solution

I developed remote User Research, compiling feedback from different user of the tool in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. According to their feedback plus the research and benchmark process there was a list of new functionalities that could be implemented in the tool in order to deliver a better experience and interaction to the users.

The creation of a new sitemap was crucial to improve the architecture information of the site. The intention was to create a new categorizations of the information in order to make it more accessible for users. Once the new sitemap was created and approved by the customer, I created the wireframes, with all the new functionalities listed in the research phase. 

Sitemap and Information Architecture

One of the most important findings in the research phase was the need to create a "Dashboard" or "Home Screen". With the implementation of this new functionality in the tool the user can have access to the most important information of their properties. All the categories that where initially in the same hierarchy level, are now categorized under a new information architecture.

Sketching and Ideation

Sketching and Ideation

Wireframing process

Wireframing process

The result

The final result is a more intuitive platform in which it is possible to generate reports and access financial information and status of hotels and rooms. It is possible to change between different dates and revise the calendar, in addition to monitoring the hotels from the map that was implemented on the main page of the tool. Users can perform daily actions in a more natural and intuitive way which streamlines their workflow.

My role

I was a supervisor during the User Interface phase of the project, the main goal was to develop graphics according to the wireframes and the functionalities that were approved by the costumer in order to ensure the correct User Experience.

The UI phase was developed by Josué Solano and Ana María Montero. The development process that was done by the Lionbridge team in Yinan, China.