IoT Dashboards

The following is a collection of dashboards that are still under development by the Volteo team. They are constituted by visualizations and graphics of data coming from Internet of Things devices on several fields of application.

Final UI Design

Final UI Design

The problem

The project always start with the definition of the problem, in the specific case of these dashboards the problem was: How to facilitate the creation of smart environments using IoT technologies?

Coming up with a solution

The User Experience phase started with customer and user research in order to define the information architecture. In IoT projects it was very important for me to understand the data and the technology that was used. The main goal was to visualize the data in simple and intuitive ways so that it was easier for the customers to implement business intelligence based on the information collected from the dashboards once they were implemented. 

Sketching and ideation

Sketching and ideation

Sketching and ideation

The creation of interactive prototypes was crucial in order to communicate the customer the behavior of the data and the layout. Once the structure (Wireframes) were approved the UI phase started with the definition of a UI Style Guide (which was handled to the developers). The visual components and graphics need to be designed according to the javascript libraries that the Front End developed decided that were best for each project. 


My role

My role was to define the data specifications, understand the data and the way the sensors were placed, as well as the kind of sensors that were used in order to collect the data.

This understanding allowed me to come up with the Information Architecture needed to provide the users with simple and intuitive UI layout designs.

It was also part of my role to communicate with the customers from the beginning of the project (in order to collect the specifications) until the end of the project, those conversations, prototyping review and approvals were crucial in order to create high quality products that meet both the users and the customer needs.

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The result

The result is a web based Dashboard connected to data that is being received, processed and visualized in real time.

The Dashboards are still under development by the Volteo team.