IoT Auditorium Experience

Web based interactive data visualization using IoT Technologies to engage audience in a gamified experience in an auditorium at Intel, Chandler AZ. The project was developed by the Volteo IoT Team.

Final UI Design

Final UI Design

The problem

The project started as a way of showcasing the Intel IoT technology and the Volteo's team capabilities for visualizing IoT data in real time.

Coming up with a solution

The team decided that in order to engage the audience in a better way the implementation of gamification was necessary.  The process began with the ideation of possible solutions taking into account the available sensors, in this case the sensors that the team decided to use had the ability to register decibels according to how loud the audience was cheering.

Four sensors were placed, the auditorium was divided into two different sections (left and right). Each group of concentric circles represents the decibels registered by each of the sections of the auditorium, according to how loud the people were, the progress bar at the top of the screen will be filled from sides to center and every time one bar reached the center a new point was scored by the section louder section of the attendants.

Once a point was scored the bars returned to zero and the game started again. This gave the possibility to motivate people from each section in order to applaud and support their team and accumulate as many points as possible.

Those attending the auditorium were able to observe the final layout projected on stage, the increasing and decreasing circles and the progress in the bars of the upper part while they were cheering. This was possible because the project was handled with Internet of Things and the data was collected, processed and visualized in real time.


My role

My Role in this project was of ideation and definition of the interaction and gamification as well as the layout and UI Design and supervision of the development made by the team of Volteo, in order to meet the design specifications that had been previously defined.


The result

The result is a web based interactive data visualization that was presented in an auditorium in Chandler, AZ on 2017.

This project was developed by Volteo, in collaboration between the team in Costa Rica and Chandler, AZ. The front end phase of the project was developed by Carlos Cruz.