Hotel Manager Dashboard

Web based dashboard with data visualization of financial and occupancy information about hotels around the globe that are managed by the IHR1  platform. This project was a sub task of the IHR1 Site Remake.

The problem

The platform contained big amount of data that was not visualized properly therefore the main goal of the project was to create an interactive data visualization focused on transforming data into knowledge. 

My role

I worked in the analysis of the data that was displayed in csv files in order to define new paradigms of visualization. Another key factor was to define the UI elements and how to adjust the graphics into the current website. 

Sketching and ideation

The result

The final output is a dashboard that allows the user to create and modify graphics according to the data that they want to display and also compare between different kind of information. 


I was a supervisor during the development process that was done by the Lionbridge team in Yinan, China.